Optiq Notice - Euronext Cash Markets - OEG Throttling Mechanism

Euronext will enhance its Optiq® OEG throttling mechanism. The queuing capacity will be increased for sessions set up in queuing mode to allow up to five times the session throughput. These changes will be effective in production as of Monday 14 October 2019. This change will be available on Friday 04 October 2019 for client testing in EUA.

Saturn example of APA-ARM upload file

Sample file for Saturn APA ARM upload file

Euronext APA and Synapse - Optiq MDG Client Specifications - v1.2.1

The purpose of this document is to describe all the technical and application messages (APA and Euronext Synapse) of Market Data Gateway (MDG) i.e. Technical messages (Start of day, End of day and Health Status), Referential messages (for quotes and for trades), application messages (APA quotes and APA full trade information) and Snapshot messages and all the related features for those messages i.e. Snapshots (message recovery), Compression (market data packet for low bandwidth connections), Shaping (bandwidth optimization), Gap detection (packet loss recovery), System failures trade, Quote retransmission (outbounded messages rebroadcasting) and Health status Production timetable (list of events during the trading day).

EURONEXT APA/ARM SERVICES - Functional Overview Version 3.0

This document describes the Euronext Global Reporting Solution concerning the Euronext APA/ARM Services as well as the transaction modalities for Euronext Members not subject to MIFIR and the Cleared OTC Trade Facility. The objective is to give an overview of the services and functionalities. For more detailed information Market participants have to refer to the related documentation described below.