Type: Functional Overview
Large-in-Scale Features on the Central Order Book Overview v1.1 Optiq Order Entry

This document describes the functional and technical requirements related to the implementation of the Large in Scale features on the Central Order Book.

Large-in-Scale features on the central Order Book overview 1.0 Optiq Order Entry

Euronext is introducing new Large-in-Scale (LiS) features on the Central Order Book. The service will create more opportunities to execute LIS orders, leveraging existing liquidity in the central order book. As soon as market participants implement the necessary modifications required to use the model, including conformance tests, they will immediately be able to benefit from the existing invisible liquidity. The new service is now available for testing on the External User Acceptance (P-EUA) test platform. The launch in Production is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

Euronext Cash Markets – Optiq OEG Throttling Mechanism v2.2 Optiq Order Entry

This document provides details of the throttling mechanism for the Optiq® Order Entry Gateways (OEG). This document is a supporting document for other technical specifications made available for Optiq, some of which are listed in the section Associated documents.

Euronext Cash Markets - OEG Cancel on Disconnect (CoD) Functional - Overview v1.1 Optiq Order Entry

This document describes the (Auto-Mass) Cancel on Disconnect feature in Optiq. This functionality is made available on all Optiq Segments of Cash Market, and is available for management by clients for individual submitted order messages. This document provides a general description of the functionality, how it works and how it behaves in different situations of day-to-day operations and business continuity cases.  Note: This document is for informational purposes only, and should be consulted alongside its associated documents, as outlined below.    Optiq Support Desk Tel: +33 1 70 48 25 55

Email: optiq@euronext.com 

Type: Technical Notes
SBE Template Version 116 - New features Optiq Market Data, Optiq Order Entry

This document provides you the exhaustive list of changes introduced by the implementation of the SBE Template 116 (versus SBE template version 109) on OEG and MDG messages, fields and values as well as the standing data files.