Type: Functional Overview
Structured Products Market Model - Functional Overview - Optiq – V5.0 (Effective 1 June 2020) Optiq Market Data, Optiq Order Entry

The purpose of this document is to provide:
- A global overview of the application messages exchanged between Order Entry Connections (Logical Accesses) and Optiq’s Matching Engine (ME), and the associated publicly broadcast market data messages;
- The main rules and particularities associated with this model; -
The enhancements to the model implemented with the migration to Optiq;
with the objective to allow all market participants to gain a better understanding of the model.

Structured Products Hybrid Market Model Functional Overview Optiq Order Entry

Euronext’s electronic trading platform hosts a Hybrid (Request For Execution) market model for Structured Products (incl. Warrants & Certificates and Structured Notes) formerly known as the New Warrants & Certificate market model or Quote Driven market model. This model has been developed jointly with market participants. The model presented below which manages trading of Structured Products using Liquidity Provider quotes has been approved by Euronext market authorities. On Euronext’s electronic trading platform, Optiq®, this market model is hosted on the dedicated Structured Products segment. Note that this segment also supports the trading of instruments using the Order Driven market model.

Type: Migration Guidelines
Structured Products Market Model Enhancement – Configuration guidelines for Issuers v1.3 Optiq Order Entry

This document outlines the migration guidelines for Phase 1 of Euronext’s Optimized Structured Products Market Model and New Segment on Euronext Access Paris. Revisions of this document will be made available as Euronext delivers more features of the project and information/requirements can be shared with our clients