Scope: Optiq Order Entry + Optiq Market Data + Euronext File Services
Optiq Release Notes 23072019 Derivatives

This document describes the effective functional and operational elements through which the services described in “How the Market Works” are delivered on Optiq.
This document relies on the same structure as that of “How the Market Works” (HTMW) document.
Any known technical or functional limitations, caveats or outstanding defects of the delivered features are individually indicated in this documen

Optiq Release Notes Derivatives

This document describes the features and services, known limitations, as well as changes brought by the Optiq release. The content of the document is closely related to the “Euronext Derivatives – How the Market Works” document, which describes how Euronext Derivatives Markets are operated on Optiq.

Scope: Optiq Market Data
Change Summary: MDG Derivatives Segmentation Change v2 Derivatives

This document provides the summary of changes for the MDG Derivatives segment change, and the associated technical details. This change is being done as a preparatory step for migration of the Derivatives markets to Optiq.

Following this change Euronext Derivatives markets segments will be split as below:

■ Equity Derivatives (EQD)

■ Index Derivatives (IDD)

■ Commodity Derivatives (COM)

■ Financial Derivatives (FID)

This change in advance of Phase 3 implementation willsimplify migration of the Derivatives markets to Optiq. While no major impact is expected, customers are recommended to ensure that no adjustment is required to the list of Services and Channels they subscribe to via SFTI. For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager. SFTI packages, bandwidth and form are not impacted by this change. This change will be transparent for the CCG, Drop copy & clearing, and will not result in any cancellation of overnight orders. This summary outlines impacts for clients consuming MDG for Derivatives markets. For full details of impacts please review the updated MDG documentation.