Type: Technical notices
MiFID II SATURN NEW transaction recovery feature – CANCEL AND REPLACE.pdf Reporting interfaces

Euronext informs customers that a new version of the Saturn Regulatory Reporting Solution is available in P-EUA with the production released in July 2019.
This release of Saturn covers the new “Transaction Recovery” functionality.

Type: Functional overview + Specifications
SHORT LONG CODE MANAGEMENT (SLC MANAGER) Web Order entry/reporting, Reporting interfaces

Short and long code mapping submission process to Euronext Saturn for purposes of Order Storage
under MiFID II

Type: Functional overview
Euronext Off-Book On-Exchange trades publication - Market Model overview – version 1.3 Reporting interfaces

This document describes the Euronext Dublin On Exchange Off Book trade reporting facility. The objective is to give an overview of the functionality as well as the main system rules associated to these facilities. For more detailed information Euronext Members have to refer to the related documentation described below.

Type: Specifications
Euronext Saturn Web Services Specifications 2.8.8 Web Order entry/reporting, Reporting interfaces

This specification document is related to the Euronext Saturn Web Services, part of Euronext’s Reporting Services. Saturn offers a REST API which is used to access the services of the gateway. The purpose of this document is to describe the technology and the supported messages.

Euronext Global Reporting Solution - Saturn User Interface V2.3 Reporting interfaces

Euronext has developed a suite of reporting services to support the implementation of MiFID II. These services will be operated via a new tool named Saturn, which is composed of a Web API and a Webbased User Interface (UI) offering a number of features to clients. This document describes how to use the Saturn User Interface (UI) as a support of the global reporting services provided by Euronext.

Please note that this version of the User Guide covers the Transaction Reporting, ARM functional services as well as Admin features and Off Book On Exchange (OBOE) services..

Type: Sample files
Saturn example of OBOE upload file Reporting interfaces

Sample file for Saturn OBOE upload file

Saturn example of APA-ARM upload file Reporting interfaces

Sample file for Saturn APA ARM upload file