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Notice - Several Cash Equities instruments planned to move from one partition to another. Cash - regulated markets

Euronext will execute an Optiq® overnight instruments migration among partitions on the Cash Market Equities segment. Several Cash Equities instruments will be moved from one partition to another one. This change will be effective in production as of Monday 08 July 2019. Clients are requested to read carefully the present notice to assess their readiness for this change and in case of any doubt they are strongly encouraged to contact OCS before Tuesday 18 June 2019 in order to get assistance.

Notice - Optiq Cash SBE Tempalte version 116 available on Next EUA and Saturday DR Cash - regulated markets

Euronext informs clients that the SBE templates for OEG and MDG(order entry and market data) will be updated on version 116 in EUA Next Environment (pEUA) on 19 June 2019 for the Fixed Income segments and on 21 June 2019 for the remaining segments.
Additionally, A dress rehearsal is planned to take place on Saturday 20 July 2019

Cash Market Equities Instrument Migration Among Partitions V1.2 Cash - regulated markets


Euronext Cash Markets - Optiq MDG Client Specifications - SBE Interface - v2.5.0 -FOR FUTURE USE Cash - regulated markets, ETF Access, Euronext block

The Euronext Optiq Market Data Gateway (MDG) provides high-speed, real-time market data for Euronext markets.

The data feed has the following high-level features:

■ Multicast technology

■ Ultra-low latency

■ MiFID II compliance

■ Cash & Derivatives message harmonization

■ Optimized feed for each type of connectivity

■ High availability

■ Reliable network solution

■ High level of scalability

■ Access to a wide range of European market data sets

This document provides detailed information about the features of the feed to support the development of client applications.

Euronext Cash and Derivatives Markets – Optiq Files Specifications - v2.7 - FOR FUTURE USE Cash - regulated markets, Derivatives, ETF Access, Euronext block

This document details the Referential Data HTTPS Server for Euronext, to be used in conjunction with the Optiq MDG Client Specifications.

The Servers provide full referential data for the Euronext markets, as well as feed configurations and intraday trades with their MiFID II flags. Users of the Euronext market data feed should use the Servers to:

- Configure feed connections every day.

- Support the referential data that is disseminated on the feed.

- Complete their list of trades.

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