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Euronext Cash Markets - Optiq OEG Client Specifications - FIX 5.0 Interface - v1.7.1 - FOR FUTURE USE Cash - regulated markets, ETF Access, Euronext block

This document sets out the client messages specifications for Optiq OEG using the FIX 5.0 format. More specifically, it describes the contents of administrative and application messages and provides detailed field descriptions.

Note: Algomi is not in scope of this document.

Euronext Cash and Derivatives Markets – Optiq Files Specifications - v2.8.0 - FOR FUTURE USE Cash - regulated markets, ETF Access, Euronext block

This document details the Referential Data HTTPS Server for Euronext, to be used in conjunction with the Optiq MDG Client Specifications.

The Servers provide full referential data for the Euronext markets, as well as feed configurations and intraday trades with their MiFID II flags. Users of the Euronext market data feed should use the Servers to:

- Configure feed connections every day.

- Support the referential data that is disseminated on the feed.

- Complete their list of trades.

Migration Guidelines -V2 Derivatives

This document outlines the migration guidelines for Phase 3 of Euronext’s implementation of Optiq: Order Entry Gateway (OEG) and Matching Engine (ME) for Euronext Derivatives markets, as well as the changes required to the Market Data Gateway (MDG) on Euronext Derivatives markets.

Optiq Release Notes Derivatives

This document describes the features and services, known limitations, as well as changes brought by the Optiq release. The content of the document is closely related to the “Euronext Derivatives – How the Market Works” document, which describes how Euronext Derivatives Markets are operated on Optiq.

CCG IP & Port Configuration V-EUA Derivatives


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