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Optiq OEG Step 3 Conformance test guidelines 20190722 v1.0 Derivatives

This document provides guidelines on how to test customers’ applications against Euronext’s Optiq® Order Entry Gateway (OEG) and Matching Engine (ME) for Derivatives markets.

This document outlines all conformance steps required, how tests are organized, and testing timelines.

Optiq Release Notes 23072019 Derivatives

This document describes the effective functional and operational elements through which the services described in “How the Market Works” are delivered on Optiq.
This document relies on the same structure as that of “How the Market Works” (HTMW) document.
Any known technical or functional limitations, caveats or outstanding defects of the delivered features are individually indicated in this documen

Optiq OEG ME Derivatives Conformance Test Script Binary FIX Protocols - V1.0 Derivatives

The purpose of this document is to provide customers with a description of the Optiq order entry conformance script, including scenarios for connectivity, functional data conformance and high availability tests for the Optiq Phase 3 of the migration of Euronext Derivatives markets to Optiq.

Optiq_Next_EUA_F2B_Contracts_available Derivatives

The current list of supported products in Next EUA (p-EUA) for front-to-back testing with LCH can be found here . Please note that some contracts will expire between now and Go Live, and others may be created in the meantime. Information on the expiry date is provided in the file in attachment.

Euronext Cash Markets - Optiq OEG Client Specifications - FIX 5.0 Interface - v1.7.1 - FOR FUTURE USE Cash - regulated markets, ETF Access, Euronext block

This document sets out the client messages specifications for Optiq OEG using the FIX 5.0 format. More specifically, it describes the contents of administrative and application messages and provides detailed field descriptions.

Note: Algomi is not in scope of this document.

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